Terrace board: laying technology on logs

  1. The advantages of wood material for the terrace
  2. Features laying decking
  3. Grade classification
  4. Detailed technology of laying decking
  5. The cost of laying decking

The advantages of wood material for the terrace   Other names   decking   - decking, deck board, garden parquet

The advantages of wood material for the terrace

Other names decking - decking, deck board, garden parquet. Its feature is a long service life and the ability to withstand the most aggressive conditions. Company "LesoBirzha" in Moscow offers to buy a larch plank smooth and performed by "velveteen" . Wood comes to us from Siberia, so it has an increased density and beauty of the pattern. The flooring of such lumber is practical and very attractive.

Domestic garden parquet is made of larch and pine - these tree species are most consistent with the requirements for materials used on the street. Decking can be tinted by adding a small amount of color to the oil. A slight shade will not spoil the natural beauty of the wood pattern, but only emphasize it. Now let's talk about how to lay the decking of larch and pine.

The terrace board from a larch and a pine is the universal material differing in durability, durability, natural beauty. It is used in various fields of construction, but most often where there is a high intensity of flooring operation and difficult conditions:

  • open verandas and terraces;
  • summer cafes;
  • berths;
  • sidewalks;
  • garden paths;
  • open sports facilities.

Photo 1
Photo 1. Smooth decking

Features laying decking

The most popular and popular option for the consumer is a smooth molding. Velvet is a material with a small or large scar on the surface, resembling a fabric of the same name. The Velvet board is endowed with a high anti-slip property, so it is often used on open summer platforms, near swimming pools and other water tanks. It is recommended to treat a smooth decking board before installation with an anti-slip agent, which can also be bought on the LesoBirzha website.

Photo 2
Photo 2. Terrace velveteen

If you plan to cover a large area, you should choose a long boards - 4-5 meters . For small sites suitable board length 2-3 meters , which is more convenient to work with. To create paths, laying of a terrace board made of pine or larch occurs across. For covering large areas suitable and transverse and longitudinal version.

Laying of a terrace board from larch and pine is carried out by a seam or seamless method. Suture technology involves the installation of deck boards with a distance of 3-5 mm. This coating ensures the outflow of water in open areas, has a low coefficient of sliding, even when using smooth lumber. For the suture method are used terraced keys , which can also be bought on the website "LesoBirzha" .

Photo 3
Photo 3. Terrace key Klassik

Seamless flooring does not require the use of terrace keys. This technology of laying decking involves the use of self-tapping screws with a semicircular head . Seamless surfaces are practiced in summer areas of cafes and restaurants, where visitors go to shoes with heels. In the seam, thin heels get stuck, which can lead to a fall and injury to people.

Attention!!! Seamless flooring is only suitable for covered terraces. Because when installing in the open air (under precipitation), the compensation gap is necessary, otherwise the boards, as a result of the natural properties of wood, swell from moisture, will tear up with fasteners.

For a balcony, a loggia and objects with a low cross-country capacity, laying of a terrace board made of pine, a medium-density material, is suitable. Such pretreated wood terraced oil , used for the floor around the pool, in which people walk barefoot. The oil for the terraces gives the loose wood moisture resistance and increases its strength. Without pre-impregnation, soft pine under the influence of moisture quickly deforms.

In places with a large humanity, laying of a terrace board made of larch is practiced - a solid material that is resistant to various negative factors and durable. But larch decking is recommended to treat with oil for terraces.

Photo 4
Photo 4. Modified terrace oil

Grade classification

Installation of garden parquet by specialists of our company is carried out from wood of classes Extra , Prima , AB and BC . Differences between products of different categories is in the quality of their processing, which, of course, affects the price.

The most expensive is a terrace board varieties Extra. The quality of gouging here is perfect, there are no knots and resin pockets on the boards. Slightly cheaper is Deming class Prima, on which there are rare "live" bitches, there can be observed a slightly noticeable difference in shades, but there is no hairiness. Timber varieties AB and BC due to the presence of knots and resin pockets is cheaper, but it is suitable for laying sidewalks, garden paths, installation of floors on the terrace.

Photo 5
Photo 5. Larch terrace board AV grade

Detailed technology of laying decking

Laying decking occurs in several stages. First, you need to carefully prepare the base, for which the sod layer of soil is removed and a pad of sand and gravel is settled. It is impossible to make installation on unprepared soil. As an alternative to a sand and gravel bed, used pavement tiles can be used. Top tiles are mounted wooden or metal lags that are attached with dowels .

Lag mounting rules:

  1. With transverse laying, the distance between the lags is 40 cm, with longitudinal installation it increases to 50 cm.
  2. If a board with a thickness of 25 mm or more is used, the distance between the lags increases to 60 cm.
  3. Along the perimeter of the floor there must remain a technological (compensatory) gap (at least 2 cm), which will prevent the board from swelling when its humidity increases or due to temperature increase.
  4. When laying the decking on the street provides for a slope for the free flow of rainwater. The slope ratio is 1% of the total surface area.

Photo 6
Photo 6. Larch terraced board

If the board is pre-impregnated with antiseptics and oils, it is necessary to soak untreated ends with protective compounds when sawing. Holes for fasteners should be made in advance, which will avoid cracking the material during installation.

The laying of the decking board with open (self-tapping screws) or hidden (terraced key or special self-tapping screws) option is carried out. The latter method is used only by professionals, since it is quite complex in execution and requires special skills from the master. Hidden installation technology deck boards allows you to get an aesthetic finish without visible hats. In addition, the hidden styling is more durable and reliable, especially when using special wood screws .

Photo 7
Photo 7. Self-tapping screws for installation of terraces in a hidden way

Important recommendations:

  1. Before you start laying the decking, the material should be given 2 days to adapt to the conditions of further use. Decking is simply left where it will be mounted, with the result that it gets used to the local temperature and humidity.
  2. It is impossible to carry out laying of a terrace board at a subzero temperature of air.
  3. So that the vegetation does not penetrate through the laid decking, the soil is treated with a special solution.
  4. The end of the board should not go beyond the lag of more than 5 cm.
  5. End seals are used for the ends. End strips are used for beautiful design of corner joints.

The cost of laying decking

As mentioned above, this work should be entrusted to professionals. In this regard, the potential customers the question arises: what is the price of laying decking? Laying decking (price per m2) from the company "LesoBirzha" will cost the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region about 700 rubles (there may be slight deviations up or down).

Laying decking boards price per m2 - this turnkey service that implies a full range of work from the departure of the measurer, before the delivery of the object to the customer. The cost of the service includes delivery materials to the address specified in the application. Installation of deck boards made fixture for the terrace Twin , terraced key Klassik stainless screws and screws .

Photo 8
Photo 8. Fixture for terraces Twin

If you need laying of a terrace board, the price for m2 is calculated individually, taking into account the features of the object, the shape of the terrace and the type of base base, but you should focus on the figure of 700 rubles. Pay attention: the installation of garden parquet by the specialists of the company "LesoBirzha" is carried out on weekends, and the cost of the work does not increase.

Laying decking on the local area - this is a great opportunity to improve your site, to ensure that it is clean and comfortable, even in the rainy season. And to realize their plans will help the specialists the company "LesoBirzha" .

In this regard, the potential customers the question arises: what is the price of laying decking?